Rise Of The Skulls

BioMechanix Records

Artist: Shadai & TDR, Noisixx, Echo logic

Album: Rise of the skulls

Compiled by: Shadai & TDR, Noisixx & Echo logic

Label: Biomechanix Records

Catalogue: BMCD003

Mastering by: Raz Kfir at Raz Studio, Israel

Format: CD (Digipack)

Distribution: Beatspace & Psyshop

Cover art by: Piule

Promotional video by: Vj Oneirophilius

Release Date: Coming soon...

Release notes:Biomechanix Records is proud to present this great musical history hoping you enjoy it and like it:
From the depths of darkness, full of gloom around them, raising the ground pantheon with their sharp scythe, they come from the bottom of the underworld, they are skulls.
Walking without fear, whipping their weird musical notes around the pantheon, creating melodies on their walk to revive all the others in this great show.
From Israel till the land of death Mexico they are riding as the riders of the Apocalypse, Shadai & TDR the pest always bring with an unparalleled pace in your walk, Echo logics name is cold, with his powerful notes can make you surrender to his feet, Noisixxx the fire rider is the one with powerful skulls of pleasure creating symphonies... Here are the skulls creating strange sounds to rattle around the world and their motto is up skulls...

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Shadai / TDR / Noisixx & Echo Logic

a work of art no doubt...


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