TRANSICION (Atlantida Resc) OUT NOW!

Atlantida Records presents:

Transicion compiled from special dj Solunar & dj Amnus, presenting a selection of 10 tracks focused on the beliefs, myths and stipulations of the Mayan prophecies, global warming and the ever-changing global society.

With a range of 145 to 147 BPM's Transicion shows the intent, power and quality of Altantida Recs and quality of Solunar & Amnus.

Enjoy this new album.


Compiled by dj Amnus & Solunar

1-Solunar - Basilisk
2-Elektip Pulse - We My Lover (RMX)
3-Cosmonautica - FemmeBot
4-Link - Deep Laughter
5-Omahas - Free & Clear
6-SpitFire - Giving a Drug
7-Hadouken - In Motion
8-VarkPhast - Realm
9-Sound Sindicate - Power Bass
10-Twisted Mind - LSD

Congratulations for the work done in transition, a hug to Aumus & Soluna not stop!

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