We Have Return (The BioMechanix Records Family)

Artist: Various Artists V/A
Album: We have return
Compiled by: Shadai & T.D.R
Label: Biomechanix Records
Catalogue: BMRDNR003
Mastering by: RAZ Kfir @ RAZ studio Israel
Format: WAV/MP3/FLAC
Distribution: DistElectronic/Biomechanix records
Cover art by: Psiquiatrìa.creativa
Promotional video by: Vj Piule
Release Date: Coming soon...

Track list:

1. - Ctrl Z3ta vs. Vaktun – Weird fusion

2. - Encore – pity conquest

3. - Thoruswrath – Subsonscious controller

4. - Shadai & TDR vs. Nazgul – Cerberus

5. - 3M – Better future

6. - Twinvox – April Thirty

7. - Klacid – Mushroom men(Skynet rmx)

8. - RAZ – Journey into the past (RAZ RMX)

9. - Brayn tek – Freak

10. - Tryon – Light Effect

11. - Noisixx – XT-C

Release notes:

After having started in the digital world with the first Ep (Shadai- past ep) Biomechanix Records presents a new proposal called "We Have Return" with 11 unreleased tracks, this compilation is intended to show a little bit more of our new talents as well as those who already have a long career, such as Tyron from Portugal and Raz from Israel.
Selected by Shadai & TDR (Avizz & Soulness) and being very careful not to lose Biomechanix Records' concept they show us the talents from Mexico and from the world.

Info and contacts:

Paper! Congratulations to all team Biomechanix on this sixth album under the label and the quality characteristics of BioMechanix Records, a special hug to Ctrl-Z (Ricardo Morales, Pablo Sahagun) Tapati great talent.

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