Atlantida Records present: ATLANTIS 2

Artist: V/A
Album: Atlantis 2
Compiled by: Neumos (Antonio Márquez)
Label: Atlantida Records
Style: Full-On / Psychedelic Trance
Mastering by: Neumos at The Cave Studio @ Guadalajara Mx.
Format: WAV/MP3
Quality: 320Kb/s /44.1KHzDistribution: Atlantida Records
Art work by: Mandala Productions @ Guadalajara Mx.
Release Date: September 2009

1.- The Lysergic Orchestra – Rock Gaia
W & P by Rodolfo Romo, Omar Castro & Arturo Armenta at Lysergic records studio @ Guadalajara Mx.

2.- Chemical Tech – Outer Space
W & P by Salvador Reyes at Mecca studio @ Guadalajara México

3.- Endeavor – Blink
W & P by Ivan Gonzalez at Warp Brain studio @ México D.F

4.- Complex vs Nexy – Outer Limits
W & P by Juan & Luís Nicoletti & Nancy Manzo (Vocals) at 360 studio @ Mèxico D.F

5.- SunPulse - Lutronick
W & P by Victor Romero & Arturo Solís at Atlantida records studio @ México D.F

6.- Digital System – Green Trip
W & P by Jonathan at Impact Music / BioMechanix studio @ Mèxico D.F

7.- Attik – Monster’s Club
W & P by José Manuel Fernández at Catalyst studio @ Guadalajara México

8.- Cower – Zatanaz
W & P by Aldo at Atlantida records studio @ México D.F

9.- Solunar – Rojo Escarlata
W & P by Arturo Solís at Atlantida records studio @ Mèxico D.F

10.- PsyKid – Saturation
W & P by Antonio Portilla at Impact Music / BioMechanix studio @ México D.F

Atlantis 2 is the second part of this series of compilations under the seal of Atlántida Records (Mx) giving sequence to the large collection of V/A Atlantis (compiled by Solunar) in this second part, Neumos selection of exclusive tracks ago Atlántida Records artists, tracks are also compiled by Live Act's national friends by Neumos: Complex (360 Productions), Attik (Catalyst Records), The Lysergic Orchestra (Lysergic Records) and Chemical Tech (Beat Slave Mx).
The sequence of compilations Atlantis is the largest representation for Atlántida Records label, as it promotes and disseminates worldwide the selected artists to join the list of Atlantis, this time Neumos is responsible for selecting and giving known national artists of international stature.
Third Album Dj Neumos under the seal of Atlántida Records, remembering and recommending "Tribute to Ultrance" Neumos compilation with exclusive tracks and remixes edited Hommega Productions as both of Spun Records, from the second album "The Natural State" where Neumos makes selection of international artists and tracks form a special set that was to have circled the world in just 4 months after its launch.
Now brings Neumos "Atlantis 2" selection giving artists.

September 2009

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